Sweet Lessons


Photo credit: Inma Ibáñez

I gave my love a bowl of cherries;
    she ate them and was through.

I baked my love a cherry pie;
    she kissed my cheek anew.

I planted my love two cherry trees,
    one for her and one for me,
    and cared for them in fat and lean;
          she vowed to e’er be true.

For this week’s Three Line Tales.  Thanks to Sonya for hosting!


19 thoughts on “Sweet Lessons

  1. Ah, but was she? You’re very good at these rhymes and spells and so on – you manage to make them sound as if they’re traditional and been around for centuries. No mean feat, that. Lovely work, Joy 🙂

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    • Thank you, that’s high praise, Lynn! It’s always good to hear that what I write is coming across the way I hoped it did.

      And yes, I think he finally convinced her that he was serious about making things work. I liked the idea that it’s almost a parable, about how some people think you can win someone’s love with a little token, and the “lesson” about being “sweet” here is that love takes time and effort.

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      • Glad to see the others agree with me about the rhyme – feels like the kind of thing I would have sung to my son. Like ‘Ride a Cock Horse’ or his favourite ‘I had a little nut tree’. Love those rhymes.
        And the lesson is a good one – work for love, don’t assume it will fall in your lap 🙂

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      • Love ‘I had a little nut tree’ – and ‘Ride a cock horse’ and ‘Mary, Mary quite contrary.’ Got a little obssessed when my son was little, teaching him nursery rhymes. I think it was that sense of oral tradition being lost if it’s not passed on. Love ‘London Bridge is falling down’ now since I learned it hails from Viking times. Now, that’s pretty old 🙂

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      • They’re a joy, though. And some fairy tales have been found to be as much as 6,000 years old, which is pretty amazing. Love the really grimm Grimm ones – they were the darkest of dark 🙂

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  3. You’ve definitely got the knack for writing these short verses and rhymes, Joy. This one is lovely, and sounds very ‘olde worlde’ English – especially as cherries are a focal part of the poem. Great response to the challenge.

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    • Thanks Millie! I wrote a lot of poetry in high school and college (although mostly free-form) and a fair amount of practice writing songs; so I’ve been working with rhythm and rhyme longer than I’ve been writing short stories.. My original idea with these stories was to come up with the legends and plays and cultural commonalities that people of the various eras and places of Eneana would know — and this type of rhyme fits right in, I think.


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