Alien Lure

Touch Cheryl flickr

Photo credit: Cheryl


Hala climbed over the bannister, pretending to clean, fixated on the forbidden artifact.

Closer, she dropped all pretense and stared.  The silvery sphere floated above the pedestal.  Its surface seemed to reflect a thousand candles, yet none of the temple’s colors.

She’d built a hole in her heart for it — its shape, its colors.  The urge to understand its texture tortured her.

Resistance gone, she reached, hesitant, then full on, palm down, fingers splayed.

An indescribable tingle saturated her skin.

Hala woke prone, clerics yelling and pointing to her blackened, useless arm.

She smiled, to know what they never would.


Word count: 100.  This is my first submission to Moral Mondays — this week’s prompt is “Look, don’t touch.”


14 thoughts on “Alien Lure

    • Thanks Sammi! Hala sort of surprised me by being happy about the result. I thought this was going to be a story about regrets. But something about the fact that she knew something the others didn’t, that tipped her over the edge.

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  1. I think she think it’s worth the sacrifice. I hope the knowledge is. It reminds me of Dumbledores blackened hand in the 6th Harry Potter Book. Well written.

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    • Oh right, I hadn’t even thought about Dumbledore’s hand, good point. Well, that’s not an uncommon effect of magic gone wrong, I suppose — although his was slowly withering with some spreading disease. Thanks for commenting!

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  2. ‘She’d built a hole in her heart for it’ what a lovely sentence that is! Great story, Joy, though I’m not sure Hala would agree with the moral ‘Look, don’t touch’ as she seems quit happy to have made such a great sacrifice for her experience. Lovely write

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  3. Wow! Spell-bounding story! What are we willing to sacrifice to learn all the mysteries of the world. It’s like seeing God and then having to die. Sometimes it’s just worth it.


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