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This is a collection of short stories, all set in the fictional fantasy world of Eneana. Some are regular stories about people who happened to live in this world, and give the reader a few glimpses of the world here and there. Some are stories told by people of specific religions to explain their vision of their god(s), their world, and their place upon it. Others are the legends, myths, and popular bards-tales that the people of one culture would all know – or at least, know the gist of the story well enough to recognize when it’s referred to in plays, common sayings, or tavern signs.

You might want to start with Kakika, an account of how a planar being – the kind mortals will later call a deity – discovers herself, discovers Eneana, and changes a few things along the way.  For an entirely different belief about how gods created the world, try the origin story The Eloran and the Larhim.  If you want to meet a legendary hero who goes on adventures and ends up finding fire, read How Par Captured the Sun.  The Search of Bandor is the type of bards-tale told late at night around a fire, to scare the children – and sometimes the adults, given that they really do hide themselves on Bandor’s Eve every fall, just in case.  Or if you prefer a funny fairytale, complete with classic morality lesson, start with Flytown.

There’s also more information about the world in the pages About Eneana and Major Societies.

Wherever you start, my hope is that the more you read, the more you’ll learn about the world, and the more you’ll like it and want to read more.


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