Joy’s Health Update

Hello my friends. I’m sorry for my absence from the blogosphere the past couple weeks, but I have a really good excuse: major eye surgery and periodic blindness. The good news is that the third surgery was successful and appears to have saved my sight. The bad news is that my vision is still extremely blurred and problematic, and that the recovery period will take a while. I miss writing my stories and reading all of yours, not to mention all the other things in my life that involve reading and/or writing – which turns out to be almost all of them. Thank goodness for audiobooks! Luckily I have wonderful friends who are helping me out during this trying time, and are reading emails and comments to me. I will update you again once I recover and tell you all (well, maybe not all) the gory details.

Take care, and keep writing!

11 thoughts on “Joy’s Health Update

  1. Oh, Joy! I wondered where you were, just assumed you were really busy at work. I’m so sorry to hear this – that’s awful. Brilliant to hear your surgery was successful. Just brilliant. I hope the blurriness subsides quickly. All my best wishes to you – may you recover quickly and be back writing where you belong soon. All best wishes x

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  2. Joy, so sorry to read of your vision problems. I’m glad that there was a procedure to save your eyesight. The third time is a charm I hope! Glad you have friends to assist you and I’m sure all of here wish we lived closer to also jump in and help. Well, lacking that, I hope our words of encouragement bring some moments of happiness to you.
    I’m sure that during this experience some new ideas for stories will pile up in your mind. Can’t wait till you are writing again and you can release a flood of these onto the page. But until then, take care of yourself and focus on getting better. My thoughts are with you.

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  3. Oh no, there I’ve been whining about being too busy and you have to go through so much. I’m glad the surgery went well and hope you’ll get better fast. I’ve also ‘discovered’ audiobooks a while ago and am blown away by how great a job most voice actors do. Get better and read/listen a lot. Hugs.

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