Another Story Published!

The Search of Bandor


Photo credit: Martin Cathrae

As the title says, I’ve just had another story published, hooray! What a wonderful thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

The story is one of my Eneana legends, “The Search of Bandor.” It’s about the titular king of wolves and the tragic event behind the holiday of Bandor’s Eve. It’s more of a scary Halloween story than an uplifting holiday tale, but I still think you all will enjoy it. Click on the link below to see the magazine post and to find my story, along with the others in this issue.

Weretravelers Issue 23: Hunter’s Moon

I hope all of my American readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving — if you’re even done with it. I know a lot of people whose feasts with family and friends are spread out all across the four-day weekend. I enjoyed a delicious meal with friends yesterday. Unfortunately, even before it ended, the cold I was supposedly getting over took a turn for the worse, and now I’m at home coughing up a lung and so hoarse that I can barely whisper. Good thing I can still type! (Although whew, that was a lot of effort. Maybe it’s time for another nap.)

Please do go read my story and “like” it if you do. Thank you!


14 thoughts on “Another Story Published!

  1. What a wonderful holiday gift to you, another published story! How exciting. Just read it and really liked it. (Okay, they didn’t have a “Really Liked” button, so I clicked the “Liked” one. Maybe a double click would have done it…?) I like the epic myth feel of it. It brought back memories of the Watership Down stories when the author stepped away from the main story and told his stories of the first rabbits and their Gods. Nicely done!

    Sorry you are enduring a bad cold. Though maybe a feverish dream will just lead to more story material? Okay, I have a tendency to be overly positive… 😉 Rest and get better. Can’t wait to see what you bring us in 2020!

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    • Thanks Louis, I really appreciate the positive feedback and support! I was going for an epic feel with this story, so it’s nice to hear that came across.

      So far, no exciting feverish dreams, but I’ll pay attention just in case. 😉

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      • I was hoping to return to read it today, but today has been hectic. Possibly Monday will be quieter. 🙂
        And are you asking what’s the difference between myth and legend? Yea, and many a person has tried to answer that. Kerrid would have it that a myth, which she calls a feast fable, is something which guides the cultural behaviour of the people. Think, our Christian myth. While a legend is a story made large. Or so says me 🙂

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      • It’s questionable ground, these definitions. I usually think of legends as being exaggerated tales of real-life people, or people who are supposed to have lived, at least, whereas myths are fantastical tales involving supernatural creatures like talking animals or magical powers, whose purpose is less to tell history than to convey a moral or other cultural message. But that definition breaks down whenever applying it to religious myths, which are thought by their adherents to be based on reality.

        Even given my own definition, I would first have to decide whether people in Eneana believe this to be something that really happened, given that they live in a world where shape-shifting clerics and giant creatures are totally plausible.


  2. Huge congratulations, Joy! Something wonderful to keep you bouyant through your stinking cold. I read and left a comment – you write these myths so well, you’re so soaked in Eneana, it all feels so authentic as if you’ve plucked the story from a yellowed anthology on the shelf or from the mind of an elderly storyteller. May you have many more successes in the coming months too. All the best for a speedy recovery

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    • What a lovely comment you left too, I really appreciate it! It’s so gratifying to hear that my myths come across as authentic. That’s how they feel in my head, but it’s impossible to know how they look to others until I put them out for view. And thanks for your well-wishes too. This is the worse cold I’ve had in years, and I’m just hoping it doesn’t get worse before it gets better. I think it’s the same cold that damaged my friend’s vocal cords so that she wasn’t able to talk for over three weeks.That is not an option, oh no! I am taking it very easy and not talking at all now, hoping that that reduces the damage. But here I am on Saturday afternoon wondering how many meetings I’ll have to cancel on Monday,.. Tuesday…even Wednesday…? Eep. Well, one day at a time.

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      • Oh, you poor thing. There have been several viruses going round that just hit people for six, die down the seem to return a week or two later. A doctor told me a few years ago that the viruses are evolving, just as other life forms do, getting stronger, better at developing in their hosts – us. Cheerful thought, eh? Hope you’re feeling better very soon

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      • That sounds even worse, how chilling! In this case they definitely feel like different colds. I just heard from another friend that people all over campus are coming down with strep throat and mono too, oh no! Maybe we should all just stay at home until it all dies down. 🙂


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