Heading back to Camp!

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Yes folks, it’s time for CAMP again!

Camp NaNoWriMo, that is. 

This is my third Camp NaNo, and once again, I almost didn’t do it, and once again, I’m happy that I did.

For those of you confused by Camp or even NaNo, a quick overview: NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, which takes place every November.  People sign up online and pledge to write at least 50,000 new words of a novel.  You can also do memoir, short stories, etc. as long as it’s new words.  Camp NaNoWriMo happens every April and July.  The online format is a little different: keeping with the camp theme, you have virtual “cabins” with your writing buddies, which is fun.  Also, it’s a lot more flexible. You can set any goal amount you want — 10,000 words?  100,000 words?  Whatever is challenging to you that particular month.  You can also make other goals, like revising instead of writing, or counting up hours spent on a project instead of words written.  So basically, anything you want!

How can you beat that?

The past two April Camps, I’ve set goals for revising.  This year, I’m trying something a little different.  I’ve been having problems getting short stories published.  I keep revising and revising, and getting more critiques, and starting new stories, and…  Well, I’ve identified the main problem.  I am not actually SUBMITTING the stories.  Gee, do I think the publishers are going to magically peer into my computer and see a story they like and BEG FOR IT?

So I’ve set my Camp NaNo in direct opposition to Procrastinator Joy and her evil ways.  My goal is to SUBMIT at least 25,000 words’ worth of short stories to publishers.  I’ll have plenty of revising to do before they’re ready to be submitted, but I’m not giving myself credit for that (not at Camp — revising will still count toward my monthly Project 10K goal).  Nope, I only get to count the words of the stories that go out the door.

How’s that for motivation?

Also, um… a little scary?  Can I admit that, just between you and me?

Well, I’ll just keep reminding myself how wonderful it will feel to finally have all these stories finished and out the door.  And then I can work on all these other new story ideas I have without feeling guilty!  Won’t that be fun!

I’m lucky that I’ll have the support of a FABULOUS group of cabin mates, including some that have been in our Plot Bunnies Cabin since 2016. Big shout-out to my buddies — thanks for being there for me!

Gabriele from Flights of Fancy

Lynn from Word Shamble

Sammi from Sammi Cox

Megan from Invisible World

Dale from A Dalectable Life

Crispina from Crimson Prose

Camp Buddies are the BEST!


Are you participating in Camp NaNo this month?  Tell me all about it!

And good luck to all of us!


13 thoughts on “Heading back to Camp!

    • Good for you, Richard — and good luck! I almost wish I was doing new words, because a brand new novel is poking its way into my head whether I want it or not. But I’m sticking with this – and hey, if I get these stories out, then I “get” to work on my new novel!


  1. Yes! You are doing great. And thank you for dragging me to the camp this time, although I was kicking and screaming. It is pure magic as an incentive, and also for inspiration. And best of all is the company. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy to drag you to come out and play, any time! I’m so glad you’re enjoying Camp and that it’s inspiring you. I know how awful it is to get into one of those ruts where you can’t write — we’ve all been there! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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