Alluring Abyss


Photo © Ryn Sweet Surreal

Her green eyes are so sweet, so young, so deep.  How can I deny her anything?

I cast silly spells for annoying lords to buy her soft and silky clothes. Her mouth goes round as she pets them.  When she sighs, “Oh, Da,” I melt.

I conjure heroic images to awe her, tiny fanciful monsters to amuse her, whole fields of shining flowers for her to dance in.

This is not merely a father’s love.  She has this effect on everyone.  That’s why I moved us to this remote place.  So she can stay innocent.  So I can protect her, as long as my powers allow it.

For there is one thing I deny her: the truth about her mother.  Her mother with those same green eyes, and what she did with them, and later, seeing the consequences, how she died.

My magic is more powerful now.  I believe I can stop my daughter, if it comes to that.  Long enough for everyone else to escape, at least.

In the meantime, I push down the doubts and hold her close, assuring her of my love, promising her anything she wants. I hope I am strong enough not to give it to her.

Written for this week’s Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #205.  Click the link to read the other stories and poems inspired by this gorgeous photo, or to join in!


13 thoughts on “Alluring Abyss

    • Yes indeed. Maybe now that Da knows what happened to the mother, he can try to rein it in with the daughter, maybe even teach her how to control it for good. But it sounds like separating her from other people is probably a wise thing, in the meantime. Thanks for reading, Ali!

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  1. That has such a tragic quality. Like, we know the girl is going to end up ‘bad’, but her father is doing all he can to prevent it. But the question is, what did her mother do; what fate awaits her. That would make such a good opening chapter

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    • For a person who really thinks of herself as an optimist, I can’t seem to stay away from the tragic tales, somehow! I hadn’t thought of this as an opening chapter but wow, you’re right — this would make a great backstory, hinting at horrible future conflicts for both the father and the daughter. As if what I need is *more* ideas for more stories, lol… Thanks for the great comment!

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  2. Oh, wow. You just get better lady! I love that idea – and so true too – of a parent who is in thrall to their own child, who knows first hands what the consequences might be of their fickle nature but spoils them anyway. I have a bad feeling your man is fooling himself and that things could end very, very badly for everyone. Cracking story Joy

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    • Thank you, Lynn, I’m so glad it came across that well! I am thinking of expanding it into a longer short story, because I think there’s a lot to explore here (including what exactly Mom did, and how Dad feels so guilty about not being able to stop it). But I haven’t decided how it ends . I don’t see how it doesn’t turn tragic, because when I try a happier ending, it feels too contrived and sappy. I think it might just have to be tragic. Stay tuned, this might be another Camp NaNo story, who knows?

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      • I think you’re right about the sad ending. It feels like a story of parental delusion – something many of us suffer from! – and his belief he can have some control over his daughter. Well, that’s a theme that many parents can identify with and as you suggest, it might be disingenuous to suggest he could remain in control as she grows. It’s a great premise and I’m sure will make a fantastic short story


      • His idea is that he’s training as a wizard himself (hints earlier in the story about that) so maybe he can magically forestall the effects of her latent “talents” or blunt their impact. But yes, I was trying to tap into that parental feeling. It’s my goal with most of my stories, that they start with some magical fantasy element, but the real focus is the emotions and relationships of the people.

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      • It’s how Sci fi and Fantasy can work so well, using alien settings and other worlds but having characters and feelings readers can identify with. Be interesting to see how it develops.

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