Whither Me


Photo credit Pan Da Chuan via Unsplash


Admire the jellyfish deep below, all juicy color and sinuous water-dancing.

If you haul her to shore, she will drown in dryness: her beauty shriveled, her grace collapsed, her strength dissolved.

As have I, uprooted from my loamy soil and dragged to this wasteland, desiccating under your oblivious hand.


Written for this week’s Three Lines Tales.  Thanks to Sonya for hosting!


15 thoughts on “Whither Me

  1. How do you feel about that word ‘desiccating?’ I’m ambivalent, has a scientific quality to it dunnit? That word is also in the book I’m finishing up, where David Mitchell’s making fun of one of his characters, a novelist named Crispin Hershey I think, who’s written a book “Desiccating Embryos.” Dark chuckle, snort. Nice piece though, by the by. I’m catching up, from about a month off.

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    • I love the word desiccating: it’s so awful! What a terrible thing to imagine yourself doing. I keep wanting to use it for stories about the great drought that destroys the Azza’at Empire, because it evokes such a disgusted, dismayed, depressing emotion in me. I didn’t think it sounded scientific before, although of course now you’ve put the idea in my head. Welcome back from your month off — have fun catching up, Bill!

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      • It is a pungent word. I just found it funny it played prominently in this book I just finished today and you used it too. Here’s to good words, like “just right vinegar” in your pantry 🤗

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      • It’s like when you’re buying a new car (or not!). Anyhow, there you have it. Life is mysterious and better than we can credit it sometimes, I think.

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