Bade to Dance

Full moon jelynnc flickr

Photo credit: Jelynnc

Olasq spotting her was an accident.  What happened next wasn’t.

She twirled in the clearing, moonlight soaking into pale skin.  Olasq snuck closer, dagger held out, grabbing hand readied.

She stopped, facing him.  “You came to dance?”

Olasq saw cloudy eyes.  Blind, he thought: a poor witness.

He sniggered.  “Don’t struggle, and I won’t hurt you.  Much.”

Her eyes spewed blinding light, hurling him backwards, into the shadows’ arms.  He was jerked around, dangling feet drawing circles in the dirt, screaming soundlessly.

She resumed the ritual.

They found Olasq babbling, drooling, unable to explain.  And evermore, terrified of the moon.

Word count: 100.  Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers flash fiction challenge.  Big thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting, and to Dale Rogerson for providing this week’s original prompt photo, below.  Click on the link above to post your own story, and to read everyone else’s!


Photo © Dale Rogerson

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted, or visited some of my favorite pages.  I’ve been busy with birthday celebrations and other social activities, including my sister visiting and lots and LOTS of cooking and eating.  It was wonderful to enjoy so much time with friends and family, but I’m looking forward to getting back to a little more quiet reading and writing time now!

45 thoughts on “Bade to Dance

    • Thanks for the welcome, it’s good to be back! Although now I’m turning around and having to deal with all those tasks that got put off, and then I’m on jury duty next week, and a big deadline at work, and.. ugh, when will I have time for writing?!? But I agree: it’s worth running late to be able to spend time with my sister; she really is the best!

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    • Worse than lunacy, even, are the times when he knows the truth and cannot communicate it or get anyone to believe. It’s really a horrible punishment. Thanks for reading Bjorn, glad you enjoyed it!


  1. Wondering what your moon worshipper was in the middle of there – a spell for what purpose? And what awful plans did Olasq have for her? Dread to think. Love the pictures you’ve painted here, that image of his heels dragging circles in the dirt – just perfect to show us the power of her magic. Lovely work Joy

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    • I’m so glad you hooked onto the bit about his heels dragging circles. When I wrote that, I was specifically thinking, “Hm, what kind of descriptive detail would Lynn add here?” I didn’t think about what exactly she was doing, but “soaking up” the full moon is a common devotional ritual among the various sects of Salientim (those who worship Saliente). While she’s there, she’s probably praying for her daily (er, nightly) infusion of magic from the goddess, so she might have been all full up on spells by the time Olasq interrupted. If she can command the shadows to grab him and twirl him around like that, she’s pretty high level. Even if she was not “full up” on spell power, he shouldn’t have messed with her.

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    • Thanks Dale! In real life, the “bad guys” too often get what they want. I like the stories where a jerk tries to hurt someone thinking that they’re weaker than him (or her), only to realize that the intended victim is, in fact, stronger. If only real life were more like that.

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