A Curse Afield

corn field 4 cbertel flickr

Photo credit: cbertel

Harra’s legs complained about the hill, but she trudged on at a steady pace.  In two decades of wandering this countryside, she’d learned: that’s how you get somewhere.  First you start, and then you keep going.  Now, where she was getting to?  That, she didn’t know yet, although she could guess.  Another struggling field, another worried village.  They ran together like mud in the rain after so many.

The warm breeze tickled her arms and tried to lift the wide-brimmed hat shielding her face.  A beautiful day, tinged with the odor of disease.  She’d been seeing patches of it for days.  The old trees resisted it, but the grasses and wild fields slumped, unable to fight back. It was probably a mundane infestation, as usual.  Once she found the center, she’d know better.  She hoped for something surprising, something challenging for a change, something worth the journey.

to be continued . . .

Hm, does Harra find something surprising?  To find out, click here to read the rest of the story.  I’m pleased to say that it has been published online in the Summer Spells anthology by Dreaming Spirit Press!  Read the other poems and stories too: it’s a lovely collection!



2 thoughts on “A Curse Afield

  1. I like the scene you set here, Joy. It works well to draw the reader in. The many hints about something unusual going on are intriguing. I’ll be sure to read the continuation of this once I get home later today.

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