Rise Anew


Photo credit: Susanne Nilsson

Martal stared at another sunrise.  How many had he seen, from this exact hill, over that exact bay?  Too many to admit.  All the same.

When she first left, it took everything Martal had to emulate the sun.  Get up every day, do what must be done, collapse.  Not bothering anyone, not asking for help.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Now his cheeks were tired from all that not-laughing, his arms weak from not-hugging, his legs old from not-dancing.

No more.

He turned, faced the village.  Surely he could find someone there waiting to be bothered.  Someone who could use his help.

Word count: 100.  Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers challenge.  Thanks go to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting, and for Lucy Fridkin for providing the original phooto prompt, below.  Click here to read the other stories for this photo.

ff-lucy-solPhoto © Lucy Fridkin


34 thoughts on “Rise Anew

    • Thanks Iain. The way I pictured him, he never totally gave up; it’s just that he was so depressed that getting out of bed every day was an accomplishment. Giving up would be not getting out of bed. But yes, I’m happy for him that he is rounding the corner. 🙂

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  1. Quite a heartwarming story, he’s back on his feet again, taken the knocks and the pain but now back in the ring, good for him. Well written as always, I love the fact he has to emulate the sun and that his body has deteriorated through lack of use.

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    • Thanks Michael, I was hoping someone would mention the sun analogy, that was my favorite part. And I do believe that our bodies (and souls) gain energy and power the more we have fun with them. Smiling begets more smiling. 🙂


    • Thanks Lou! I was originally thinking that he’s reaching out to neighbors and friends — remembering that really, people don’t mind being “bothered” by their friends, and most people enjoy the chance to help others. But if he finds another special someone along the way, even better. 🙂

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    • I think we all could use that reminder sometimes — both to be kind to those who “bother” us and to remember that if we are worried about not bothering our friends, that they probably would enjoy hearing from us. 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment, Tracey!


  2. “Now his cheeks were tired from all that not-laughing, his arms weak from not-hugging, his legs old from not-dancing.” This is such a beautiful and powerful sentence. A reminder to us all what counts. Yay for him to get over his depression. I admire how you linked his lonely life’s routine to the sun’s tireless journey.

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    • Thanks, Amanda! Yes, I think he’s starting out by re-joining the village social life and seeing his friends and neighbors again, and somewhere down the line maybe he’ll be open to another relationship. One step at a time!

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