Photo © Jade Wong

When the world dried up, the humans sought Xinxoni in her watery abode.  She’d curled her tentacles around her, long strands of seaweed hair swaying rhythmically.  A shimmering pendant around her neck held all the oceans that had been.

Men came with flattery on their tongues.  She drowned them.  The sea knows her worth.  She cares not what mortals think of her.

Men came with gifts and sacrifices.  She drowned them. The sea takes all she wants.  She has no need for trinkets.

Men came with weapons and magic.  She drowned them.  Nothing is stronger than the sea.  Even rock cannot resist her.

An old woman approached, silently.  She embraced the currents, moved with them, her eyes closed.  The sea pushed and pulled and the old woman danced with it, twirling gracefully despite her fragility, her face calm and ecstatic.

Finally, Xinxoni spoke. “What do you want?”

“To serve you.”

Xinxoni painted the woman’s skin green and blue, saying, “I name you Ewikasdala, first-of-waves.”  She handed Ewikasdala the pendant.  “Care for this.”

And Ewikasdala did.

Word count: 175.  Written for this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge.  Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting, and for Jade Wong for providing the photo.  Click here to read the other stories written for this prompt.

To read other stories about the Ossarač, start here: Hard to Port.

18 thoughts on “First-of-Waves

    • Thanks so much, Iain, glad you enjoyed it. I already had the general sketch of the Ossarac people, but it’s funny how a photo prompt like this stirs my imagination to create what turns out to be such an important legend in their religion.

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