Winter Magic

Announcing a great new anthology, and a shameless plug for my own story within.


The wonderful writer and tireless blogger Sammi Cox has just published a multi-author anthology of prose and poetry with the theme of winter magic.  I think it’s just the perfect theme for this time of year, don’t you?  It’s free to read on Wattpad, and having just read it and enjoyed it immensely, I invite you to do the same!  No account is necessary — just click here.

Sammi was kind enough to accept two of my stories into the anthology, including a flash fiction piece I’ve posted here on my blog before, and a new short story not published elsewhere, Icy Oasis.  At the risk of seeming immodest, I’m quite proud of Icy Oasis.  It’s about a man who visits a strange house surrounded by sunny, summer weather in the midst of a freezing winter landscape, and what he wants from the even stranger woman who lives there.  I hope you’ll click over to read it, and read all the other great pieces too!

11 thoughts on “Winter Magic

  1. Utterly brilliant, lush, expansive…the sound of the fabric, the tooth, the memory extracted…you have the gift, the CURSE lass! What a great project and I am struck by the depth of this piece. Bravo! Bill

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  2. Oh, Joy, this is good. Love the pace, the tone – your writing is so fluid and assured. And the plot, with the father and what he’s prepared to lose to save his daughter. The tone, descriptions … Just wonderful. This is definitely the strongest piece of yours I’ve read, it’s so good. Really great writing.

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    • What can I say, Sammi’s theme inspired me! Thanks so much for the positive feedback, Lynn; this means a lot coming from someone who’s read so much of my stuff, especially with you being such an excellent writer yourself. It’s always hard to judge my own work, but I do admit to thinking it was pretty good, so I appreciate the external confirmation. 🙂

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