Perilous Portal

Stay innocent of evil lore
If you like the light, and love life more
Then don’t knock on the purple door
There’s a reason why it’s locked

–Pyanni children’s rhyme


Photo © C. E. Ayr

I’d heard the rhyme, of course: a silly bards-tale.  Someone had painted their storage door purple as a lark, I assumed. Or to scare away thieves.  It had the opposite effect on me.

Stepping into the alcove, I shivered, giggling at the thrill.  I pulled the handle.  Locked.

Surprised by my hesitation, I knocked.  Nothing.  Emboldened, I knocked again, tapping out the rhyme.

The door dissolved into black mist, roiling patches spreading like mold.  Tentacles of darkness grabbed my wrist, pulled me in.

Now I understand.  It’s no bards-tale.  It’s our warning to you, whispered on the shadow winds.


Word count: 100.  Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers challenge.   A hearty thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting and to C. E. Ayr for the photo.  Click here to read the other stories or submit  your own.

I’m a little late this week because of Thanksgiving festivities, which have so far involved some truly amazing food and a wonderful chance to talk to old friends and make new ones. And it’s not over — more festivities at my place tomorrow!  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you out there who celebrate it, and a big THANK YOU to all of you who read my blog and take the time to click the like button and -especially- comment.   You warm my heart every time you do.  Three cheers for you!



32 thoughts on “Perilous Portal

  1. Great story telling Joy. I loved the little poem/warning at the beginning. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show Grimm. It reminded me of that show, they have these little quotes/poems in the beginning. And then your story was the warning playing out. I will remember about Purple doors now 🙂

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    • I almost went with “fingers” but tentacles sounded scarier. If you’ve got bits of dark *something* coming at you and then grabbing you and sucking you in, I’m guessing you’re not worried about the exact term. 😉 Thanks for reading, Bjorn!


    • Creepy was what I was going for, so I’m glad it came across that way! I really liked the little rhyme, too; I haven’t had time to add the rhymes and sayings to as many of my stories as I’d like, but I’m glad I did with this one.

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