Partisan Party


Painting by Grigory Sedov

The magus pulled the six noblewomen from the ballroom discreetly, trying to forestall panic.  “You have a choice; you can confess which of you was the saboteur, or you can all go before the jayanta together.”

The women kept their eyes averted from his hypnotizing gaze, steeling their minds against his powers, hiding their excitement behind masks of innocence.

It was too late.  The revolution was begun.

Written for Jane Dougherty Writes’ Microfiction Challenge #21, “Choice”.  In real life, the painting depicts six women modestly presenting themselves as potential brides for the Tsar.  So since I like to stir things up in Eneana, of course I tried to think of a story as different from that as possible.  Thank you to Jane for the great inspiration!





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