Resident Eerie


Photo credit: Waferboard (modified)

The house on the other side of the fence been empty since it happened.  Never thought nobody would live there again.  The gods know I’d never step foot inside.

Then we heard noises last night, someone over there.  Braed snuck out to spy under the fence, even with Ma whispering not to.  Like polite got anything to do with this.  Then, soon as he come back, she makes him tell all.

“They got weird torches,” he said. “Not as bright as normal, somehow.”

“Who cares about that?  What about the people?”  Ma slapped him, to speed up the tale.

“Couldn’t see none of them clear.  It was dark or… I don’t remember?”  Braed shook his head, like he had water-ear.  “But their voices…”  Braed shivered and hugged himself, wouldn’t say no more.

Today we got braver and went round the fence to see.   There’s this fancy cart outside, and horses whinnying in the barn.  But nobody around outside, and the shutters all closed up tight.

Quiet folk, that’s good, right?  So why am I shaking?

Word count: 175.  Inspired by this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge.  This close to Halloween, I keep going to the creepier stories without even meaning to!

Big thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting, and for Yinglan for providing the original photo prompt, below.  Click here to see the other stories.


Photo © Yinglan Z

32 thoughts on “Resident Eerie

    • Thanks! I’m sure there could be a really creepy story behind all of this — like, what happened in that house before? And why did these people move in? And are they even people? Ooo! I haven’t determined the answers to those questions, but if I do decide to write a sequel, I have some icky ideas. 😉

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  1. Very eerie. But compelling story. You make a visual of the moment before a horror movie goes wrong. Checking out the cart, no one there, those weird torches and them . . . Great piece!

    Liked by 1 person

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