Ambush Anticipated


Photo credit: Fiona Macintosh

Panaik padded in, his fur mangy and muddy.

Aouda wiped his disguise clean with a shimmering touch.

“Thanks,” he thought-said, slurping his water.

“Did you overhear anything?”

“They’ll be at the Garrandae, tomorrow. The whole gang.”

She scratched behind his ear, distracted. “Good spy.”

Panaik tilted his head.  “Are you really going?  After what happened last time?”

Aouda took a few deep breaths, imagined responding calmly and rationally to whatever she saw there.  “Now that I’m prepared, yes.”

That stupid brother of hers.  When would he learn how dangerous it can be to surprise a witch, even on her birthday?

Word count: 100.  This was inspired by Sammi Cox’s Month of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 21 – Write a story in 25 words about an animal.  Obviously this is not 25 words: sorry Sammi!  In my defense, Sammi broke her own rules in a recent story and said, I quote, “Rules are made to be broken, Joy.”  I rest my case.  Even so, I was trying to keep it to 50 and obviously failed miserably.  Oops!

You may remember Aouda and Panaik from a previous story, check it out here: A Familiar Dog.



7 thoughts on “Ambush Anticipated

    • He’s actually a dog — but he’s the witch’s “familiar.” That means they have a special magical bond, which increases the familiar’s intelligence and abilities and allows them to communicate telepathically.


    • Panaik is sort of cheating on the clever, being magically enhanced. But yes, he makes a very helpful companion for Aouda. I think things will work out fine. Now that Aouda knows what her brother is planning, she won’t overreact out of instinct — like she apparently did last time, oops!

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  2. I imagine Panaik comes in very useful whenever Aouda needs to find out about something. Who would suspect a dog of spying? I now wonder what Aouda has planned for her “stupid” brother. The next episode should be fun.

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    • Yes, Panaik is great for that. As you say, who would suspect? Well, perhaps her brother, who must know Panaik by now. That’s why they tried to disguise him. My original idea was that she didn’t have anything planned except to pretend to go along with his surprise party and not accidentally shoot off any spells — like last time, apparently. I think Aouda needs to relax a bit, maybe her brother is just trying to be a good influence. 🙂 I wasn’t thinking about a next episode. My goodness, I keep inadvertently creating these repeating characters! But I agree, I like her; wouldn’t mind seeing her and Panaik again.

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