Two Peas in a Pit


Photo credit: Cosmoflash

“Hey, you alive over there?”

“Dunno.  Too dark to see.”

“Ha, ha.”

“Nothing broken.  No thanks to you.  Told you he’d have traps.”

“Shuddup, will ya? Your yapping’s gonna bring the guards.”

“Stones, I’m really gonna kill you this time.”

“First, we get out.  Then we decide who’s killing who.”

Word count: 50.  Written for Sammi Cox’s Month of Mini Writing Challenges.   This is for Day 25 – “Tell a story only using dialogue in less than 50 words.”  I haven’t been able to do nearly as many of them as I was hoping, so I’m glad to get at least one more in before the end of the month.

Sammi was pointing out how tricky it is to write a story with only dialogue, and I agree — but that just makes the challenge more fun.  One of my all-time favorite stories that I wrote has nothing but dialogue between two people.  Check it out: Burning Questions.

I should probably clarify that “Stones!” is a curse in Pyann/Medowin, not the other guy’s name.


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