Fair Finding


Photo credit: Susanne Nilsson

A strand of hair in a field of hay-grass
A smooth gray button on the beach
A soft mewing in a storm

Fate hides my love
In a city slick with strangers
Exhausts my eyes with may-be’s and not-to-be’s
Heavies my heart with doubt

Another fair
And long left until the last

Word count: 52.  Well, this was originally intended for this week’s Shapeshifting 13 from Grammar Ghoul Press, but I just realized that I missed the deadline. OOPS!  Oh well, I’ll post it anyway.  The challenge was a story of  exactly 52 words using “strand” and “field.”

This may not sound much like Eneana, but I was imagining the large Medieval fairs, held two or three times a year and bringing in sellers and buyers from all over the region.  If you came from a small village with few potential spouses, this was an important chance for seeking a man or woman to court.  And you’d better court them quickly, for the fair is ending tomorrow…




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