To Save A Monster — The Unseen Speech


Photo credit: Vince

At this point in Act 1, the ruler’s selfish daughter Naenajae has been cursed and transformed into a monster. Everyone believes “the monster” killed Naenajae and are rallying to find and kill it.  From her hiding place, she has overheard some of her supposedly loyal courtiers saying horrible things about her. They even joke that they should thank the monster for killing Naenajae, as now the country will never be burdened with such a terrible person ascending the throne.

The spy repays the lie with noxious truth
Learns hidden hatred from half-hearted friends
I would I could unhear and thus undo
That deep denial made such dear amends

If blame became benign behind a reed
If weaknesses unspoken were unscribed
If grievous wounds unseen would cease to bleed
If fathers under shrouds had never died

I’ll take such tactic here and steal away
‘Til memory’s lost and with it all arrears
A short concealment shall my wrongs erase
The problem of myself to disappear


Inspired by Sammi Cox’s Month of Mini Writing Challenges, Day 17 – Write a story in less than 50 words inspired by the theme “unseen”.  Although as you might note, this is a poem not a story, and it’s more than 50 words, so I’m breaking the rules again.  Luckily for me, Sammi is pretty forgiving about rules-and-such.  The problem was that I started writing a little piece for this play based on Day 16 (which actually calls for a poem and doesn’t have a word limit), but this one came to me first.  Hope to get the Day 16 one out soon.

Other excerpts from the Pyanni play To Save a Monster can be found here:

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10 thoughts on “To Save A Monster — The Unseen Speech

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    • Thanks Millie! It’s been fun to write, although wow, so much more time consuming! I’m sure I’ll keep finding flash fiction challenges to use as excuses to write more verses, and eventually will get all the important parts worked out, at least.


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