Shifted Winds


Photo credit: Les Chatfield

I imagine sparkling salmon spires, piercing the clouds.

Buildings docking at the temple like ships.

Gigantic sails unfurling.

Now, only magic-drained rubble, never to fly again.

Inspired by Sammi Cox’s Month of Mini Writing Challenges.  Please come join in!  I’m doing them out of order.  This is for Day 1: Write a story in 25 words or less about a place you would like to visit but have never been.

Eneana history note: when Anandani “saved” the Fentoron, he did something no other deity had done: somehow banished all divine magic but his own from the land.  In an instant, magic items across the land ceased working, some to disastrous effect, as when the famed floating Temple of Balza’ar, one of the great wonders of the world, crashed to the ground.


5 thoughts on “Shifted Winds

    • Yes of course you can! As soon as I write another story about it, that is. The closest I have so far is the first third or so of a short story about another great wonder that met the same fate, the Silver Dancers of Za’aloz in Izztaaq.

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