“The foreteller’s task is more seeing than sight, more hope than heralding.” – Beneebian saying


Photo credit: Sergio Quesada

Maraeni threw the stones.  But divination is half observation, and oh, what he’d seen.

“She’s not for you.”

The lovesick girl crumpled.

“You’ll find better.”

Inspired by Sammi Cox’s Month of Mini Writing Challenges.  Feel free to pop over and join in!  I’m chiming in late and doing only some, and even those, out of order.  This is for Day 7: Write a 25-word story about a method of divination.


7 thoughts on “Downcast

    • Thanks! Turns out that even with all the varied magic in Eneana, there isn’t any way to see the future. Not even the gods can see what hasn’t happened yet. Best you can do is get as much information as possible and make a good guess. Plenty of clerics and magical scholars will tell you differently, but trust me, I know. 😉

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    • Thanks Sammi, glad you liked it. Those sayings are great way to “cheat” on the word count. ((blush)) Beneeb is a goddess of magic, by the way. I just realized “Beneebian” could be seen as a land/people rather than a religion.


  1. Poor girl, but its kind of like that when you’re young. Then years later you’re like, I liked who? Look how they turned out! Glad I avoided that! Not to be mean to anyone, its just what happens. Also, I liked your comment how you said you can only make your best guess at the future; true in your story and in life. Great writing!

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