An Ill-Grounded Analogy

mute-swan-in-flight-gldzy-flickrPhoto credit: Gidzy

My brother sighed, moping after another lost love.

“Now she’s flown away — my own ‘swan wife.'”

“Ew, even you’re not that bad.”

Da stopped hammering, wiped his brow. “Lesson one, son.  If he has to keep her hostage, that’s not good romance.”

“But what if…”

We slapped him simultaneously.

Inspired by Sammi Cox’s Month of Mini Writing Challenges.  Please come join in!

This is for Day 5 — Write a 50-word story inspired by a fairy tale.  I’m cheating, in a sense, because I’m referring to a fairy tale in Eneana that I haven’t published yet.  In the story, a man captures a swan (which are mythical creatures in Eneana), forcing her to retain her human form and to be his wife.  Suffice it to say, things don’t end well.  More a Grimm’s tale than a Disney one.


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