Photo credit: TheoJunior

They cast the ancient secret spell
praying to be linked
intimately intertwined
like joined Ranamanar
Two lovers become one

The result was like the gods

Written for this week’s Shapeshifting 13 Challenge from Grammar Ghoul Press. The challenge was to write a story or poem in exactly 26 words based on the photo below.

As soon as I saw the prompt photo, I thought of Ranamanar — a deity in Eneana that is said to have originally been two deities (Ranam and Manar), who were so attracted to each other that they merged and became one.  They are worshipped as a love deity and generally seen as good-aligned and romantic, but as with any god in Eneana, you can guess that all is not as it might appear.

My apologies again for not posting or commenting as much as normal lately.  In addition to pecking away at the keyboard with one hand (my elbow is healing, but it will take time), I’ve been traveling to see family.  Hope to get back into the swing again soon!



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