Going Over

cunningham bridge hdr Nicolas Raymond

Photo credit: Nicolas Raymond

She stops before the bridge.  Nobody stands guard.  Not even a sign.  But the law rules as strong here as where the river flows wide.

An invisible line between peoples.  Between too-long-lost and not-yet-found.

“At the crossroads, let your heart turn you,” Da used to say.  No such free-feeling options here: left or right, one adventure or another.  Only forward to likely infamy, or backward to certain shame.

Da would not approve.  Yet she cannot navigate his heart’s path.

Betrayal, she now knows, takes as many forms as the honorable dreams that inspire it.

“I’m sorry, Da.”

She steps forward.

Word count: 100.  Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers challenge.  Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting!  See the original photo prompt below, and click here to see the other stories based on it.


Photo © Adam Ickes


25 thoughts on “Going Over

    • Thanks! I was deliberately not making up three pages of backstory on this one (for a change, ha ha) and letting it stay ambiguous. But it occurs to me that having recently watched Richard II (BBC’s Hollow Crown version, in case you’re a fan), I might be a bit influenced by Henry of Bolingbroke returning too early from exile to demand his title.

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    • Hm, now you’re making me wonder what exactly crossing that line will mean… But in any case, crossing it will be important for her, and probably for others, if it results in her infamy! Thanks for reading Ali.

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  1. I could really imagine this piece. Sometimes, we must cross a bridge and go over it in an actual sense, but also metaphorically. This isn’t always what our relatives or friends think we should do, sometimes we must choose and live by our choices. I think in years to come, her Da will understand, this was a bridge she had to cross. Great writing Joy.

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