Against the Flow

sheeprun flickr G

Photo credit: G=] (Flickr)

The sea of sheep kept coming, crowding the narrow road.  Herral shouted, trying to pull the donkey another step further against the tide.

His grandpa tsked.  “Come now, no need for that.”

“But we’re going to be late for market!”

“Yes, we are.”

Herral seethed.

“We can shout and fume and be somewhat less late.  Or we can thank the gods for the excuse to rest.”

Gazing at the wooly barrier, Herral shrugged, his anger fading.  They moseyed to the back of the cart, sitting on the lip.  “Apple, Grandpa?”

“Mm, perfect.”

The stream of sheep leaving looked almost peaceful.

Word count: 100.  Written for this week’s Friday Fictioneers photo prompt, hosted bythe ever-inspiring Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  See the original photo below, and click here to read the other stories.


Photo © Sandra Crook



33 thoughts on “Against the Flow

    • That’s what I was thinking too, they’ll still get to market eventually. And whether being late is a problem or not, getting upset about what you can’t change just makes it worse. Thanks Amanda!

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  1. I love this – why get angry over things you cannot change?
    It brings to mind the character in the film Bridge Of Spies who remains calm when he is arrested and charged. The lawyer comments on how he expected him to be angrier and he says simply “would it help?”

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