Compelling Conversation

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Kazzek crept down the narrow street, pale stone buildings blocking the fierce sun.  She was ahead somewhere.  The one the man wanted him to…

What man?  He couldn’t remember the man’s face.  Too many shadows.

Kazzek shook his head.  Silly. The man was his friend.  Kazzek was helping his friend.

He gripped the knife tighter, hoping he’d be good enough to please the man.

Why didn’t he know the man’s name?

Kazzek’s mind blurred, buzzed.  Thinking about it hurt.

Around the next curve.  There she was.

He sped up.  Soon it would be over.

What a relief that would be.

Word count: 100.  Inspired by this week’s Friday Fictioneers challenge.  Big thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting, and to Jan Marler Morrill for the original photo prompt, below (which was great for the mood, but someone from Eneana would be very confused by air conditioners and TV antennas!).  Click here to see the other stories.

For those readers not as steeped in D&D as myself, I have borrowed from D&D many mind-affecting spells using “charm” (which convince the target you are friendly) and more powerful spells using “compulsion” (which compel the target to follow your commands).  When done properly, the target doesn’t even realize they’ve had a spell cast upon them.   I’ve always been fascinated with imagining how this feels to the target.


Photo © Jan Marler Morrill


32 thoughts on “Compelling Conversation

    • Thanks Rochelle! Well, there’s little chance of him snapping out of it at this point, although he *did* start questioning it, so who knows? Maybe Kazzek will be able to assert his will before he does the dead.


    • Thanks for stopping by David, nice to see you! Yes, he’s under a compulsion spell (see my note, above). He imagines that once he finishes this thing he has to do for “his friend” he’ll be able to relax. But being so ensorcelled, he’s not thinking straight about what’s likely to happen after he murders someone in plain sight and then can’t remember why he did it. Uh-oh….


    • Aha, someone who recognizes the spell school! Charm is a good one, but you’re right, that’s pretty low-level. Good for improving someone’s attitude toward you, but if you want them to kill someone for you, you’re going to need something a *lot* stronger. There’s a reason these spells are illegal in most of Eneana… Thanks for commenting Ali!

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  1. I know nothing about D&D but I am pleased to say I understood exactly what was happening here (before reading your explanation) because of the strength of your writing! However I really like Björn’s interpretation too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for saying so, I’m glad that came through! I also liked Björn’s interpretation. It occurs to me that in a world like Eneana where pretty much everyone recognizes that magic is real, there would be a lot of confusion when people show signs of mental illness.


  2. I immediately thought he was under a spell, but before I read your explanation, I thought it was the victim casting a spell to confuse him away from her. Great description of the victim trying to figure out what is wrong with their mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    • At least part of it came across the way I intended, whew! I suppose it’s fine that the story can be interpreted in so many ways and yet people still seem to like it. Not a bad result! Thanks for coming by, G, I know you were having a crazy week…

      Liked by 1 person

    • He did have a few moments of clarity there — or at least, wondering why things weren’t clear — but yes, I fear he is too close to his goal to be stopped now. Thanks for reading!


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