The Writers Den

I’m sure many of my fellow flash fiction writers probably already know my friend Chris (The Voice) over at The Well of Fiction.  If not, you’ve been missing out!

Chris recently started a forum called The Writers Den. It hasn’t been up long, but already it’s been super fun to be involved.  It’s a great place to ask questions and share stories where it’s “just us writers.”  I’m a member of a number of very large writers groups too, and they have their place, but it’s easy to feel lost in the crowd with those.  At Writers Den, we’re really getting to know each other and becoming friends, and that’s great.

If you read my stories and comment on my posts, you’re my friend too — or at least, I want you to be — so this is my invitation for you to come join us.

You can check out the site and the public comments sections here: The Writers Den.  Click on “register” to sign up as a member, and then zip on over to the Introductions page and let us know more about you!

Hope to see you there.   What fun!



5 thoughts on “The Writers Den

  1. Hi Joy. having ‘met’ Chris through some writing prompts, I did nip over to the Den the other week -saw you’d written some posts there. I’ll try to take another look soon. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

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