You All Rock

Writing friends are the best!


Photo © Gah Learner

No story today. Instead, I wanted to give a shout out to all my writer friends out there.  When I started this blog ten months ago, I had no idea how many amazing, fun, supportive people I would “meet” online.  I love going to your blogs and seeing what interesting things you’re trying.  And I can’t tell you how much I appreciate every “like” and especially every comment. You’ve made me feel so welcome, and encouraged me to keep trying and keep growing.

Thank you!

Thanks especially to my NaNo writing buddies.  You folks are the best!  The “PB” in the image above is from the name we gave our Camp NaNo cabin: the Plot Bunnies.  And PB-4EVA became our rallying cry.  Go, my super-powered bunny friends, hop to it!

This blogging thing does feel a little like summer camp, where you meet these people and share this exciting time with them and you hope you’ll be best friends for forever and ever.  In real life, those camp friendships rarely survive much longer than a letter or two, if that.  Then summer is over and real life at school starts, and those memories are pushed into the closet, or along the back of the dresser, with the other mementos.

But I really do want to stay friends with all of you for forever and ever.  Let’s never go back to real life.  Let’s stay here, in happy writing land.  We’ll share our stories and poems, and laugh, and cry, and give each other lots of support when one of us is feeling frustrated, and lots of virtual hugs and cheers when one of us succeeds.

And s’mores.  There really should be s’mores.

So gather around the campfire with me, everyone.  It’s been an exciting day but now it’s quiet, and calm, and we’re all relaxed and comfortable.  Just take your turn and read your story out loud, whenever you feel like it’s time.

We’ll listen.

Bonfire and Smores time Lucy Kalantari flickr

Photo credit: Lucy Kalantari


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