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Camp NaNo was so fun, I hate to see it end.  I had a GREAT cabin, with some of my writing buddies from NaNo last year and some new friends.  And we made incredible progress!  A couple of us had hard months and didn’t meet their goals, but hey, that happens sometimes.  The important thing is to get up and try again next time.  But of the 12 of us, 8 of us met our word counts, and one came close enough for horseshoes.

Hooray for us! 

Collectively, we got to 95% of our total cabin word count goal, can you believe it?  Hey, I’ve done a lot of grading in my career, and I can tell you what 95% means.


Personally, I learned that if I put everything else aside and concentrate on writing, I really can get 6000-7000 words written in a day, and still have time free and energy to go out that night.  In fact, it’s fun!  So uh-oh,  that’s it: no more excuses for me.

I’m a little happier than I was when I intially “won” Camp NaNo a week ago. My word count goal was 20,000, with the idea that I only needed 10 more chapters to finish the first draft.  I got to 20,000 and was frustrated that I still hadn’t finished the first draft. Well, as of April 30, I got to 31,000 words and 16 new scenes/chapters.  And I still haven’t finished the first draft.




But you know what? That’s fine. These are some dang fine scenes, and I have a lot more of them now, on May 1, than I had on March 31.  I have a much better idea what other scenes I’m going to need.  My characters are more or less behaving themselves, they just have more to say (and do) than I realized.  I’m feeling good about this.  As though, just maybe, this entire first draft might really be finished at some point in the not-so-distant future.  This could actually happen!

So, I promise to get back to posting flash fiction soon.  In the meantime, I wanted to post a shout-out to my AWESOME cabin mates from Cabin Plot Bunny.  You’re the greatest!

In order of signing up:

To everyone else out there, I hope your April was productive and fun.  If I haven’t been stopping by your blog as much as usual, I apologize, and will try to make the full rounds this week.

Happy writing!

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10 thoughts on “Home from Camp NaNo

  1. Back from Camp now, washing my smalls, unpacking my sleeping bag and shaking the earwigs from my back pack!
    We were pretty great, weren’t we? The best thing was meeting all you lovely campers – thanks so much for leting me join your cabin, Joy. Looking forward to keeping up the good work!
    Thank you for the mention. Go Plot Bunnies! x

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    • Well, it was my first Camp NaNo and I had no idea what the cabins were “supposed” to be like, so I just did what I thought I’d enjoy And I did! So happy that it all seemed to work so well; I wasn’t sure what to expect. We had several really enthusiastic contributors (like you), that made all the difference.


  2. Hey, shouting back. It was a great time, and it will continue (maybe a bit less intense). You’re great at getting us organized. I would just have sat there, like I did in the Nano, and have no idea what I was supposed to do with cabin mates and writing buddies. And now I’ll have to clean my flat before the dust bunnies attack me. 🙂

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    • Thanks G, I’m glad it all went as well as it did. Sometimes having no idea what to do is a great freedom. I think we all rose to the challenge!

      Good luck with your cleaning. My dust bunnies are starting to form battalions, so I’d better move out the vacuuming army myself pretty soon. 😀


  3. Thanks for starting the cabin and inviting me, Joy. April was a great month and camp was fun – you managed to gather a great bunch of people together. I wasn’t in the cabin as much as I would have liked but I’m so pleased that the Plot Bunnies will live on 🙂 Time now to try and catch up with blogging…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for joining in Sammi! I feel lucky to know such a great group of campers, including you! And yes, I have a lot of catching up to do too, although mostly with home and work. With a few exceptions, blogging will have to wait a little bit longer…


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