Corrupted Call

slime mould.ruth

Photo credit: Ruth Hartnup


Marrak’s reflection showed a monster–more poisonous pustules than skin, ears melted beyond recognition, a rotten lumpy gash for a smile.

All hail Gral, god of corruption, remaking the world in his own image.

The part of Marrak that was still human recoiled at the townspeople’s screams; the rest of him giggled, burping up bubbles of plague, spitting out slime.


Written for this week’s Sunday Scribble Challenge, from J. A. Allen.  The challenge was to write a story in three sentences based on the prompt.  Click on the link to see the prompt and to read — and later vote — on other submissions. Thanks Jenny!

Note that this is the same Marrak we met in an earlier flash fiction piece: Vengeance is a Poisonous Prayer.


7 thoughts on “Corrupted Call

  1. Wonderful descriptions and awful at the sametime. What and why did Marrak become this monstrosity, “burping up bubbles of plague and slime” what a horrible fate. But very well written to appall.

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    • Thanks Amanda, glad you thought it was awful — that’s what I was trying for! This is the same Marrak who invoked Gral for revenge in that earlier story, “Vengeance is a Poisonous Prayer”. The link is above, after the story.

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    • Thanks for reading, Ellen! Yes, Gral is a pretty gross one. Luckily for this world, he’s not an especially dedicated or hardworking deity, or they’d have a much harder time with plague and disease than they already do!

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