Camp NaNoWriMo — who’s in?

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As some of you know, last November was my first experience with National Novel Writing Month, and I loved it.  I’m definitely hoping to have a new novel ready in time for next November, although I might not be able to do it.  (Bummer.)  I was just awarded a big research grant (hooray!) and the project will be in serious data collection crazy-times next November.

However, NaNo also hosts two “camps” between now and then, one in April and one in July.  The procedure is a little different, near as I can tell (hey, I’m new at this), in that you set your own type of goal (could be revision instead of fresh writing, for instance) and your own goal amount.

I was waffling on whether I could or should do this.  Then I examined the current state of my novel.  Boy, it’s a mess.  Worse than that, I’ve been revising those all-important first few chapters and working on other projects, and I still (confession time!) have not gotten back to finishing the last ten or so chapters.

Oops.  Bad, bad novel writer.

Yep, looks like I could really use a little structure and deadline pressure.  So sign me up, I’m GOING TO CAMP!

Another thing that’s different about Camp NaNo is that you can join or create a “cabin” of up to 12 writing buddies. Nobody’s invited me to their cabin yet (oh woe is me, nobody likes me…) so I’m thinking of going ahead and starting my own private cabin and inviting others.  I’d love to see my old NaNo writing buddies there, but I bet there’s a bunch of you other readers out there who would also be fun campers.

So are you?  A fun camper, that is?  🙂

If you want to know more about how the whole process works, check out the Camp NaNo page.

If you want to be in my cabin, let me know!  Note that you have to be signed up at Camp NaNo for me to send you a cabin invitation, and I have to know your name or whatever you go by on NaNo.  If you want to contact me by email, click on the Contact Me link on the top ribbon.



36 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo — who’s in?

  1. Funny, I was thinking about starting a cabin today, too. I’ve been in randomly assigned cabins, but the last couple of years, I’ve been in cabins with people I sort of know – they tend to be much better. The random ones always seem to peter out around day five… All of this is my long-winded way of saying: I’m in! I’m w-willow.

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      • It’s not popping you up on my “invite friend” options. Are you using a different name than you did for NaNo? There are a few other people with the same or similar first name, but I can’t look up the profiles to see who they are without inviting them. That’s a little frustrating. Be sure you don’t have “I don’t want invitations” marked in your cabin settings.


      • Okay, I just figured out how to search profiles, and the people with names similar to you clearly aren’t you. So it doesn’t think you’re finished giving it your info yet.


  2. Mememe, but you know that already. I signed up, but the camp doesn’t seem to recognize much from the nano, so I have to start all kinds of things, orojects, novel, go figure… as soon as I’m done I’m in. Pushing each other a bit is good. I’m too distacted by life often otherwise.

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    • A little prodding certainly worked in November, I vouch for that! I still can’t see your name/handle on the invite list. This is frustrating! And yes, the Camp wants you to put in everything from scratch, except it recognized me from my name and/or email. If you’re using a different name, then email me.

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  3. Does anyone else want to join in? We have four or maybe five spots left in the cabin. Or those of you already in, let me know if you want me to invite any of your other friends (message me).


  4. Hi Joy, Sonya from Only 100 Words sent me your link – would you be happy for me to join you, if you have space left? My user name is Lynn Love – imaginative, no? You can see why I’m drawn to the written word. If you’re full, no problem. Many thanks and good luck with camp.

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    • Hi Nandini! I have a couple outstanding invitations but one more space left if they all say yes, so sure, come on in! For me to invite you through their site, you have to be signed up for Camp NaNo and have a project listed, and I have to know what name you’re using. You can post that here, or message me through the Contact Me link above. Glad to have you on the team!

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  5. I’ve started a cabin (I think) over at Camp NanoWriMo with one other writer so far. I have no idea if I did it correctly, but if you look me up by: jhwinter, you should be able to find me and join. I’m actually working on editing my book from NanoWriMo 2015 that I wrote. I still haven’t gotten a chance to do that (bad me)!

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    • That’s so nice of you to invite me, thanks! But I’ve got an almost full cabin already myself. (Hooray!) We have named our cabin The Plot Bunnies. 🙂 Editing your 2015 NaNo novel sounds totally reasonable to me. I’m using Camp NaNo to FINISH WRITING my NaNo novel, which I still haven’t done. Even badder me! Every time I read another craft book or advice blog, I end up adding something new… Must Stop Reading and Finish Writing. 😀


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