The Hammering of His Heart

Sometimes close enough has to be close enough.

Hammered dulcimer Isalah Bierbrauer flickr 6 of 19

Photo credit: Isalah Bierbrauer

Estael stared at his dulcimer, terrified.  He’d begged to play his song for the taenass.  Now he was, singing harmony while Saela sang high.

The taenass laughed, surrounded by courtiers.  So handsome, so charming.  Everyone loved him.  Some more than others.

The taenass was approaching!

He kissed Saela’s hand.  “A lovely song.”

She bowed. “It’s titled, ‘My Heart Is True.’  Estael wrote it.”

The taenass looked at him!  He smiled!  “Well done.”

Estael’s eyes widened, froze.  Before he could form words, the taenass turned back to Saela.

“Come sing it again.”

Estael beamed.  ‘Lovely.’  He would write a hundred more.


Word count: 100. Quick vocabulary lesson: A taen is basically the equivalent of a king/queen, and a taenass is the child of a taen (either male or female).

Submitted for this weeks’ Friday Fictioneers writing challenge.  Thanks as always to Rochelle for hosting and to her husband for the photo prompt (below)!  Click here to read the other stories and post your own.


Photo © Jan W. Fields



28 thoughts on “The Hammering of His Heart

  1. This is very beautiful and fits perfectly with the title. I could almost feel the heart hammering faster and faster. How wonderful to have his art appreciated. Love is as much a boost to creativity as despair can be.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for commenting, Ali! Well, this taenass is apparently well-liked, so he’s probably not such a jerk. I’m guessing that if he didn’t like the song so much, he’d just ignore it and keep chatting with his courtiers.

      Liked by 1 person

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