One Hundred Fabrications

“Praise on demand is worth less than was earned.”                     –Layoran proverb

Photo credit: Can Mustafa Ozdemir

“I want one hundred stories, about me.”  The tyrant grinned.  “Like the ‘One Hundred Nights of Mysteries.’”

The bard repressed a cough.  It was forty-nine nights, originally.  But these Layorans counted on their fingers, so everything was in tens.  He bowed courteously, hoping to get off easily.  “Perhaps ‘The One Hundred Jars of Sassamot,’ my lord?”

“Not unless you’ve conjured a story for each jar.  Besides, Sassamot was old.”  The tyrant grumbled.  “No.  One hundred stories, all heroes and rulers, and I win every time.”

Sighing, the bard began.  “Once there was a handsome, clever, but woefully misunderstood young man…”


Word count: 100.  This is my submission to The Blog Propellant’s 100th Challenge.  I was hoping to post “The One Hundred Jars of Sassamot” itself, a much longer story that I started and put aside some months ago.  But alas, it will take me more time to revise than I have today.  Thanks so much to TBP for reminding me to dig it back out — I promise to post it soon!

UPDATE: I’ve now finished and posted The 100 Jars of Sassamot, so please check it out.




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