Window to Her Soul

A colorful way to announce apostasy.

Stained glass window.Jessica Lucia Flickr

Photo credit: Jessica Lucia

“Hide behind me,” Ella told her son.

The pounding on the door increased.  She’d expected the church to respond in weeks, not days.  Her hired guards stood firm.

The new window faced the main street, for all to see.  Sambaran-sanctioned blues and yellows, yes, but also green and purple and—unholiest of all—red.

From childhood, Ella had slipped quietly from traditional doctrine, toe-step by testing toe-step.  Now widowed, she became bolder.  She praised Sambar’s “wayward” god-children, openly worshiped his divine wife.

It takes all colors.

“All this, mother, for a window?”

“No. For the light that shines through it.”


Word count: 100.  My entry for this week’s Friday Fictioneers challenge, based on the photo prompt shown below.  Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting!  Click here to read the other entries, and to submit one yourself.


Photo copyright: Jean L. Hays


32 thoughts on “Window to Her Soul

    • Certainly Ella would see it that way! But then, Eneana is a world with many disparate religions that are often at odds with each other — what counts as the “good” fight is entirely dependent on which side you’re on. Thanks for reading!


    • Good catch — the red really was the key point. It turns out that red is associated with Panji-nan, Sambar’s wayward son who ran away during the creation story and hid under the rocks, emerging only to cause trouble and thwart Sambar’s plans. (Well, if you want to get technical, red is associated with Mabbadeg, a completely different earth god, who the Sambarans have by now decided is the same as Panji-nan.) By the time the Layoran culture has stained glass windows, Panji-nan (which translates to “son [of] god – rotten/bad” in Jyotsati) has become the main nemesis of Sambar in their theology.

      Aren’t you glad you brought it up? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Au contraire — you’re the first to hear, because you’re the first to bring it up. 😉 I have a thousand pages of world building notes that are only hinted at with the stories I’ve posted so far. Just trust that each story has some sort of background that may eventually be more clear. And hopefully the general ideas still stand without knowing all those details.


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