A Tasteless Transformation

Making a bad impression on the new boss, magic edition.

apumpkinPhoto © Suman at Desibuckets

The new hire wilted. “She said to! ‘Turn them all into pumpkins.’ It took me days!”

“Never take a taen so literally.” The Royal Mage tsked. “And now the whole court is stuck like this?”

He nodded, wincing.

“I can reverse it tomorrow. Until then, better hide them from the kitchen staff.”

Submitted for Grammar Ghoul Press’s Shapeshifting 13 #24 challenge — using the prompt photo above and exactly 52 words.  Click the link to see the other stories and vote for your favorites.


12 thoughts on “A Tasteless Transformation

    • Good point. Bad enough to have your new supervisor and probably the taen (like a queen) upset with you (assuming she even notices), without having everyone else of note in the whole court piling on! Although who knows? Maybe being a pumpkin is very pleasant and relaxing.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Eric, glad you liked the idea. And oh goodness, what “sweet revenge” that would be, eh? Although the trick is that you’d have to figure out which pumpkin was your enemy — and there are a LOT of pumpkins in that picture! Hm, a LOT of pumpkin pie?

      Liked by 1 person

      • True, but you’d have to be pretty hungry — and pretty bloodthirsty — to murder a random person just for a pie. I’m going to imagine that the commoners at this castle are not nearly that black-hearted, it makes me feel better. 😉


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