100 Days of Eneana!

Greek_street_-_III_century_BC_-_Porta_Rosa_-_Velia_-_Italy.Heinz-Josef Lücking.Wiki© Heinz-Josef Lücking

Today I have cause for celebration, because it is Day 100 of my Eneana blog and I am still doing it, and not noticeably more crazy than when I began.  Hooray!  The road has been sometimes bumpy—hence the photo I’m using here—but I feel like I’ve made some decent progress in the right direction. So far I’ve posted 42 stories, if you can believe it.  (I’m having a hard time, myself.)  Many of those are flash fiction stories, 100-200 words, but even so, that’s an awful lot of Eneana I’ve put out there already!  I’ve received over 500 likes on my posts so far, which feels like a nice round milestone in itself.  That’s more than some blogs get this early on, and a ton less than the really popular blogs, but I’m happy with it and cherish each and every one of those likes.

I want to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all the people who take time out of their busy days to stop by and read my stories, and especially those who leave comments.  It is immensely gratifying to know that people are actually reading and enjoying what I write, and that some bit of my vision of Eneana and the people who live there is coming through.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to re-introduce some stories I posted early on that deserve a little more love, for those of you who have only recently found this blog.

  • Flytown is a funny fairytale about what happens to a mean little boy when he annoys a magic frog.
  • The Search of Bandor is a legend about a huge dire wolf who accidentally and tragically achieves immortality.
  • Burning Questions is my response to my writers’ group saying I needed to include more dialogue—it’s a story that includes nothing but dialogue.  The conversation is between a young man imprisoned for wizardry, and his interrogator, a cleric raised to believe wizardry is evil, both of whom learn something in the process.
  • How Par Captured the Sun is the tale of a legendary hero—ancient Layor’s answer to Hercules or Odysseus—and the first time she saved the world.
  • Lover Be True is told in the first person by a woman being eternally tortured by her god, talking into the blankness, hoping the god is listening.
  • Finally, I highly recommend the From the Table’s Eye series.  Each story starts by describing a table and then pans out to examine the people around that table, and their roles in the War of the Tandonni and the subsequent fall of the great Pyanni Empire.  The stories can each be read independently, but if you read them in order, you’ll see the chronological progression through the various crises of this era.  So far I’ve posted five stories, but many more are planned.  (To those of you who have been following along, I apologize for the delay; Table 6 is being excessively uncooperative.)

The next few weeks I will be very busy with work, travel, and a family visit, so I won’t be able to keep up my usual rate of posting stories and reading and commenting on everyone else’s blogs.  I hope to return with more vigor in late October.

Thank you again to everyone who’s supported me in this new blogging adventure.  It means more to me than you know.

Most sincerely,



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