Unstoppable Waves

Eventually, the waves take everyone away, one way or another.

Flags in Eden. Stew Dean Flickr.1950410_04a899fe29_oPhoto credit: Stew Dean

Narl studied the dock banners.  They had a good wind.

The brilliant blue Ossarač ship, small for its kind, dwarfed all others in the harbor.  Narl admired it, perhaps for the last time.  He imagined those stately foreigners first arriving, in vessels more magnificent than Layorans could dream.  No wonder his ancestors thought them elves.

And now one was taking his daughter away.  To the other side of the world.

He’d tried forbidding it, of course.  That worked as well as usual.  So much like her mother.  Narl’s grief was duller now, almost comfortable.  They’d had so many wonderful years together.  If Jallen had the chance for that—any chance—he had to let her go.

Still, he wished it had been a local man.

Narl would visit his son, lure one of his grandchildren back to the sea.  Carry on the tradition.

Or not.  The waves come in.  The waves go out.  Such is life.

The ship’s sails filled.  Narl snapped and tossed the blessing for safe travels.

They had a long journey ahead.

See the first story, Hard to Port, for the daughter’s perspective and the third story, Deep Currents, for the man’s.

Since this was also inspired by this week’s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge, I’m going to attach the link here too, even though it’s a bit unusual to have more than one story per week.  Thanks again to Priceless Joy for hosting the challenge (and for being so flexible about my unorthodox methods!) and to Louise at The Storyteller’s Abode for the photo prompt below.  Don’t forget to click HERE to read everyone else’s fabulous stories.


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