The Depths Some People Go To

A tidal response to religious persecution.

DCF 1.0

Photo credit: John Vonderlin

The A&B Building was made entirely from driftwood.  It was built as a temple to Xangan, using only gifts from the sea goddess.

Aqa, the trader next door, distrusted these foreign gods.  Only Sambar and Sambar’s children were worthy of worship.  Accusing the Xangana of unpaid debt—falsely—he seized their building, evicting them.

The Xangana appealed, but the Sambaran authorities ruled against them.

Aqa opened a tavern with his brother Balzan.  It horrified the Xangana, watching their temple desecrated by drunken, loutish heathens.

Eventually, the Xangana found land to purchase, far across the bay.  On their empty, stony beach, they prayed to Xangan for sea-blessed driftwood.

That night, huge waves attacked the port, sweeping the A&B Building, among others, out to sea.  Many drowned, including Aqa and Balzan.

The dawn light shone on piles of debris washed up on the Xangana’s patch of shoreline—wood, metals, glass, even gold.

The rebuilt temple was twice as grand.

This is my response to this week’s Monday Finish the Story challenge, where the first sentence (above) is provided, along with a photo prompt, and you have to finish with no more than 150 additional words.  This week’s photo prompt is of the Arctic Brotherhood Hall in Skagway, Alaska, which I visited a couple summers ago.  Very cool building!  Click on the blue froggy below to read everyone else’s stories based on this prompt.


© Barbara W. Beachman

26 thoughts on “The Depths Some People Go To

    • Hi, I’m sorry, I thought I was following the rules. I used the first sentence, I added fewer than 150 words to it, and I included the photo. Did I miss something — what part do you mean is off-track? I use a non-modern photo for the top picture to keep in line with the theme of my blog (since modern buildings would not exist in Eneana). Do you require that I put the photo prompt at the top of the post?


    • Thanks, Joy! I ran out of words to explain this, but what washed up on the other shore for the Xangana to use is actually the debris from their old temple and the buildings near it — now washed clean and blessed (reconsecrated) by the sea. So they got their old temple back, plus a lot more!

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    • Thank you — making it look easy is a great compliment, I’m flattered! Yes, it can be challenging sometimes, but that makes it more fun for me. It helps to be involved in more writing prompts than I could possibly do in one week, because a lot of the prompts just will not work at all. Now the *really* challenging thing is going to be maintaining continuity checks over time. I try to remember to add these new bits into my documentation files, but who knows how many details I’ve forgotten?

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      • Oh, yes, that would be challenging, wouldn’t it, keeping track of all the details. Well, maybe you can claim that everything in flash fiction is apocryphal? I read an article about Star Wars the other day, they’ve apparently declared a whole lot of their stories to be ‘alternate universe’ and not part of the official canon… Okay, now that I’ve written that, the whole thing annoyed me, so maybe don’t do that. I’ll stop rambling now 😀

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