Last Words, Lost

Because even the fiercest of fighters can be cowards when it comes to risking their hearts.

bloody hand Chapendra4541285512_0f1d92213a_bPhoto credit: Chapendra

I rushed to Gar’s side.  All the adventures we’d been on, all the scrapes, I’d never seen her this bad.

“Come on, Gar, stay with me.  Open your eyes.”

She coughed, or maybe that was a laugh.  “Yeah, I’d hate to sleep through my own death scene.”  That familiar wry half-smile.  Oh gods, she was breaking my heart.

“We’re out of potions, but Bal’s searching the bodies.”

“How does it look?  I can’t feel… anything.”

I glanced down at her injuries, trying not to grimace, and searched for the words.

“Thought so.”  She took a few shallow breaths, her eyes fluttering.  When she spoke again, her voice shook.  “Tell Bal… Tell Bal I love him.”

“Do you, really?”  I was too surprised to hide it.  After all this time, she admits it now?

“Close enough.”  She winked with the eye that wasn’t smashed in, wincing with the effort.

Bal appeared with an open vial.  He shoved me aside and poured it between Gar’s bloody lips, mumbling frantic prayers.  I’d swear I saw tears.

*      *      *

Thank the gods Bal was right, that the potion from the magruk’s bag was magical healing.  Gar said they must make it taste that bad so you’ll only use it if you’re really dying.

I never told Bal what she said.  She hasn’t either.  When I think about it, I want to punch her.  Or hug her.  No, punch her.  Idiot.


2 thoughts on “Last Words, Lost

  1. I really would like to know more about these characters! I feel like I walked into the tail end of an important story. I could really feel the pain and the gore of the injury scene, well done! — without going into detail (imaginations are enough). Awesome tiny story! I want more about Bal and Gar!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks! Doing those really short flash fiction pieces are giving me good practice at narrowing down the key parts I have to get across and skip over all the rest that I can leave up to the readers’ imaginations. As with some of the other stories, these characters come from nowhere — they aren’t part of a larger story — but now I feel like I would like to “learn” more of their story too, both before this scene and after it.

    And you’ll appreciate this, Heather: their names weren’t even supposed to be Gar and Bal. Those were just placeholders during the frantic first “write this down now!” process. I was supposed to change them before posting the story. Oops. So this is probably destined to be the seed of my most famous novel, and I’m stuck with these names forever 😉 Eh, could be worse.


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