Below you will find a collection of short stories, all set in the fantasy world of Eneana.* Some are stories about regular people who happen to live in this world.  Others are the legends, myths, origin stories, and popular bards-tales that the people of one culture would all know.

There’s no one correct order for reading these stories. You might want to start by reading up on the world in the pages About Eneana and Major Societies.  Or just click on whatever most recent story is below this post.

Wherever you start, my hope is that the more you read, the more you’ll learn about the world, and the more you’ll like it and want to read more.  Welcome to my world!

* Pronounced EN-ee-ON-uh

31 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Thanks for saying so! I just hope it works from the readers’ perspective. With a few thousand years of history to work through, of course it will take a lot of short stories to get the full picture. Check out the Major Societies page for some cheaters in the meantime.

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    • Thank you so much Millie! I’m flattered and honored that you would think of me for this, and really appreciate your support of my stories. This will be my first blogger award, which makes it extra exciting! I’ll look up the rules and get on that as soon as I can. Thanks again!

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      • Like you, Joy, I find it difficult to get round to everyone’s posts because of my own writing. But I think you write really well. I do so few of the FF challenges now, so I do miss a lot of stories. Once I’ve finished Book 3, I can spend a little more time reading on WP. I’m really glad you’ve accepted. (I have another award post to do when I get home from Malta – so I’ll be nominating you for that, too.)


    • Thank you Heena, and welcome to Eneana! I haven’t had as much time to post stories recently but I hope to keep plugging away and give you more to read soon. Although since you just joined on, there are tons of stories in the back files that are lonely…. Just hinting HINT HINT. 🙂

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    • Thanks Joe, and glad to see you here! Nobody’s ever commented on the name before, interesting. i can’t even remember when I first coined it. But you might be amused by the in-world origin of the name, copied from my notes:

      Most people in the Triune use terms from a language more ancient than Annar to refer to their planet, the universe on the same material plane, and the multiverse of all planes. The original translation of Eneana was “place of all that is,” or “place of all existence.” When people realized that there were other planets on their plane, and that the white stars in the sky were actually other suns, they coined the term Eneanatae, which translates directly as “very large place of all existence.” When confronted with other planes of existence, they added on once more, using the term Eneanatalae, which translates literally as “very large place of all existence, and more.” At the time, this apparently made sense. These terms came to mean “world,” “universe,” and “multiverse” in Annar, and were translated as such into later languages. So, with the exception of the occasional ancient etymologist, the humor value has been completely lost.


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  3. Thank you for taking an interest in our Writer’s Community. I hope you visit often and CLICK THE BLUE FROG to read the prose from our tiny community.

    If you are only a reader, all of our community will welcome your feedback. We love hearing form our readers!

    If you are a writer, please feel welcome to visit here weekly for a stab at finding a prompt that will wet-your-whistle and get some creative juices flowing.

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    • I’m always open to more flash fiction challenges, although I’m not sure how often I can participate. I’m already involved in so many, and find I can only squeeze in two or three stories a week. Good luck with your community!

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      • I think I enjoy the longer short stories better, and of course, I’m addicted to my WIP novel. For me, the issue is time. The longer works take so much more editing, and many of them are stuck in Revision Limbo — which makes it even more satisfying to write a 100-200 word flash story and actually be done with it, ta-da!


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